Meet Nick

Nick is an attorney, community volunteer, nonprofit board member, and father. Through his work in the community, he has gained an understanding of the hurdles many children face inside and outside the classroom. Through his work as an attorney and in business, Nick has gained experience analyzing budgets and finding solutions to tough problems. As a member of the Omaha community and as a father, Nick is invested in the success of the OPS system and every student that it serves.

Nick believes strongly that education should be something every child can count on to provide a strong foundation for success in life. In fact, it is the promise that we have made to them with our public education system.

For Nick, it’s time to step up and put his experience to work to ensure OPS lives up to that promise.


Start at the Beginning​

The data demonstrates that quality early childhood education can improve language and literacy skills, reduce hyperactive behavior in kindergarten, strengthen social skills, and have long-lasting effects on the education outcomes of students of all backgrounds. Nick will emphasize support for early childhood education to leverage the benefits of helping kids get off to the right start.

The Voice of Parents and Teachers

Parents and teachers provide unique and essential insight into our students' experiences. Nick will always be available to listen to the concerns and experiences of parents but more importantly, Nick will promote processes and programs that allow parents to have a voice in their child’s education. Nick is also committed to having a direct line of communication with teachers, fighting for as much autonomy over their classrooms as possible, and providing support when they need it so that teachers can focus on teaching.

Eye on the Prize

Our schools need to provide students a foundation for success in life. It’s a tall order. OPS students come to school with a wide variety of needs and goals. Nick will also work to expand career readiness programs that give our students marketable skills immediately upon graduation.

Community Partnerships

There are a lot of businesses and organizations in Omaha with the resources and expertise to help OPS meet its goals. We need to leverage partnerships that expand before and after school learning opportunities, help us address the individual needs and interests of our students and their families, and broaden student’s exposure to a variety of career opportunities. The more partnerships we have with our schools, the more people will be invested in the success of OPS students.

Good Governance

At its core, the responsibility of the OPS School Board is to provide oversight of the operations and finances of the district and to ensure accountability to parents, students, and taxpayers. As an attorney, advisor to businesses, and non-profit board member, Nick is no stranger to diving into the details and asking tough questions. But Nick will also promote civility and consensus-building on the board and a culture of open and honest feedback to OPS administrators.

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